The Sci – Fi 2.0 – Kelly Slater and Timmy Reyes (The Wire Podcast ep. #52)

Timmy Reyes was in bed at Ten O’ Clock when the phone rang.

It was Kelly Slater. ‘Where you at?” he asked, with an immediate ask of Timmy, to take place the next morning.

Five hours later Timmy woke up with a Sci – Fi 2.0 in his truck, driving north from Huntington Beach to Lemoore where he met Kelly, who also had a Sci – Fi 2.0, along with some other assorted goodies for both him and Timmy to try.

Kelly’s brand new Sci – Fi 2.0 (center) alongside one from the on-site demo fleet at Surf Ranch.

This episode of The Wire Podcast comes with heavy visuals of both Timmy and Kelly riding the Sci-Fi 2.0 at California’s best point break.

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You can watch and listen in the video above, or find this episode wherever you listen to podcasts, for example Apple and Spotify.

Sunrise over Surf Ranch. We made these paving stones out of waste up cycled from the surfboard building process. For more details, press here.

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