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Helium | Seaside

We elevate the surfing experience with innovative designs, new materials and advanced construction methods

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Duck dive to tube to full backflip - best performance we’ve seen all Quarantine, courtesy of Tahitian @kiaragoold on her grom sized Sci-Fi 2.0. #drawingnewlines #electricinlft @tomo_surfboards #stayhomeshredlater ...

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@tomo_surfboards was jealous when he saw this. You can hear his whole thoughts in our bio. And you can find the Helium Hydroshort at surf shops everywhere, as well as the online surf shops below.
U.S.A. - @cleanlinesurf @realwatersports @thesurfstation @ridershack @outerbanksboardingco @catalystmb
U.K. / E.U. - @boardshopcouk @downthelinesurf @coresurfing @tablassurfshop @frittboardssurfshop
AUS. - Our website, Firewiresurfboards.com

#HeliumHyperDrive #TheFutureUnderYourFeet 🎥 @isaac_zoller

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