Mystery Board Bag – Jackson Dorian and the Sci – Fi 2.0

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Jackson Dorian doesn’t know what’s coming but we do.

Four Sci – Fi 2.0’s sized for his growing frame yesterday, today and tomorrow; each one separately sized and volumed with different colors but all built in the same tech: Linear Flex Technology, the tech he’s been riding since he first surfed the original Sci – Fi four years ago.

Jackson and Shane are giving you a chance at winning this Sci – Fi 2.0.

Today he’s at Kelly’s house on the North Shore as we watch him comment on, and react to, each of the Sci – Fi 2.0’s that he helped influence the design of in collaboration with Daniel Thomson and the rest of the Slater Designs team.

The Changes to the Sci – FI 2.0 when compared to the original Sci – Fi are the result of Daniel’s efforts to perfect what many thought was already perfect – a Quad Inside Single Concave blended into a bat tail and five fin boxes; a surfboard that Tomo described in 2016 as ‘electric’.

The LFT Sci – Fi 2.0.

Now further refined, it has an increased tail rocker, a redesigned concave and a wide point further forward. All things that may explain some of Jackson’s surfing progression over the past 6 to 12 months as described by his father Shane in this brand new episode of The Wire Podcast.

Shane shares all – growing up on the Big Island and how he moved to the North Shore at just 15. What it was like to be mentored by surfboard designers growing up and what it’s like today to witness his son Jackson in a growing relationship with Tomo.

The Sci – Fi 2.0 is sized 4’4 to 6’6 in a variety of colorways.

Shane also comments on his paddle efforts at Jaws and his interest in large waves, even commenting with laughter on previous disputes with other big wave surfers that haven’t been discussed publicly before.

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