Drinking Beers with Taylor Jensen – your new 3x World Longboard Champion (on The Wire Podcast)

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Taylor is easy to see in the lineup. He’s the only one pushing a Timbertek Longboard from six o’ clock to 12 o’ clock. Photo: James Tull.

Taylor Jensen is huge.

At 6’4 200-something he’s called ‘The Big Predator” by Firewire teammate and longboarding legend Wingnut – and Taylor has more than one legend in his life – his father in law is Australian legend Nat Young who won three Australian titles in 66′, 67′ and 69’. So championships run in the family. In threes.

But in spite of his competitive nature and successful run when it comes to the contest side of surfing, he’s not scared of jersey-less sessions, and experimenting with multiple styles of longboard and varied styles of shortboard as well. For example, the Slater Designs Omni below.

Taylor isn’t scared of waves that won’t suit a log. Here he takes the top off on a Slater Designs Omni. Photo: Michael Assim.

Regarding variety in his sessions, he shares; “I think that the different feelings you can get from all different kinds of boards is an amazing thing. It’s so rare in any sort of sport.” He continues that “In baseball, you have a bat and a ball and that’s it. That’s your game. but in surfing, you can have a different board for every condition. Every time it changes you can have something different. You ride what fits the surf. That’s how you get the most enjoyment out of every single session.

This ‘have fun at any cost’ attitude has at times put him in a position of opposites when compared to traditionalists who feel the only valid way to ride a longboard is with one fin and no hard edges. It’s an opinion he’s proud of and something that his surfboard designer Dan Mann agrees with as evidenced by Taylor’s range of Timbertek longboards that cover everything from traditional log outlines to hyper-refined edges and tail foils.

Classic in California. Photo by James Tull.

This episode covers much like:

+ What to do when your wife takes a log to the head in remote Mexico.

+ The differences between the Special T, TJ Pro, TJ Everyday and Taylor’s upcoming diamond tail longboard.

+ What it’s like to surf in Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, and other rarely traveled surf destinations.

One of our favorite parts of this episode is when Taylor persuades us on the merits of 9-foot boards in 9-foot barrels;’You can get in earlier. You can set your line sooner. and you can stick to it without bobbing, weaving, going around foam balls. You’re not doing that. you’re just holding your line and plowing through barrels.

Sounds fun to us.

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