Todd Glaser

Todd Glaser is Surfing’s Photographer

Todd Glaser would be a terrible wedding photographer because he is too nice and pleasing and he is also especially gentlemanly.

Have you been to a wedding? Have you seen the plight of today’s common wedding photographer? Imagine if every time YOU did YOUR job you were swirled in a flock of amateurs with inferior tools and little skill and absolutely zero chill.

Todd. Chilled.

This is what it’s like to be a wedding photographer dealing with bridesmaids and aunts and uncles and common riff raf with tenuous claims of relation to the bride, each one of them jumping into the frame of what should be a professionally shot photo and making it instead look like a pack of tourists encircling Pocahontas at Disneyland.

Todd is to nice to shoo them off. He is not from New Jersey where people freely tell the annoying to get lost. He is from Seaside Reef, California where everyone is still innocent and pleasing and down to enjoy a senseless cup of Marea Coffee in the morning with no goal other than sipping it and staring at the line between sea and sky, offering you the time of the next high tide if you ask while walking by.

Todd and Rob on the job at Seaside.

Todd is a surf photographer. He is talented. He might be the only surf photographer with an open pass to photograph any surfer who matters because the character traits Todd possesses that would make him a terrible wedding photographer are part of what makes him a superior surf photographer.

Todd is friendly and non-intrusive. He respects your space even if you’re shooting with an iPhone in front of him. He uses his talents to collaborate and not to dictate. If you work at a surf company and hire him to shoot one of your sponsored athletes he will ask you for your thoughts and seek your advice and he will make you feel like what you say matters; like you might just influence his hand; as if you, a spectator to Michelangelo painting the Sistine chapel are able, while shouting advice upwards at the ceiling, to move the hand that paints the Vatican state.

Rob with the Helium Seaside. Shot by Todd.

Now yes, Todd is not a painter and no, his work has not been gifted yet with a 500 year time horizon, but today he is our photographer.

He is your photographer too.

He is surfing’s photographer and he makes us lucky in all ways.

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