Volume Calculator & Board Selector


Find Your Optimum Volume

The VOLUME CALCULATOR, developed in partnership with, generates your individual MINIMUM and MAXIMUM suggested volume. The lower volume indicates the MINIMUM flotation for your Performance shortboard, while the larger number indicates the suggested volume for an EVERYDAY or GROVELER model.

While there are other factors to consider such as the wave type and the water temp, we have cross-checked the VOLUME CALCULATOR against the preferences of a wide range of surfers and found the results to be remarkably accurate.

The VOLUME CALCULATOR then pulls together all the Firewire boards that fit your range into the COMPARE FUNCTION, allowing a numerical comparison between different models.

Tomo: Daniel ‘Tomo’ Thomson has a unique approach to surfboard design and his boards should be ridden as short as possible. However, they are high performance designs and Tomo disguises additional volume down the center of the board in order to keep a high performance rail profile. With that in mind, the ideal length Tomo board for a 80kg/175lbs/5’11” surfer would be around 5’4” – 5’6”, depending on your ability.