You Are With Rob And This Is Now.



Surfing is so fun and when you’re not surfing the second most fun thing you can be doing is hanging out with with Rob Machado.

He lives on a hill overlooking Cardiff Reef with views of four different waves in the morning and in the evening there is a fully equipped shaping bay on the opposite side of his Cardiff home from the side you see the view from in the morning.

There are palm trees. The look of his home is decidedly Balinese. Reef sandals line every doorstep and surf trophies line the garden and friends line the halways because friends are always visiting from the Gulf Coast or Australia and recently Japan – Rip Zinger – a Japanese photographer who Rob and his wife Sophie have helped get a visa so that he, Rip, could leave Japan to live and work here, at Rob’s house. Because Rob’s house has guest rooms. Several of them. All occupied and all full of books and plants and skateboards and surfboards. Always surfboards.

There are actually few friends better to have if you weigh 145 pounds and enjoy borrowing surfboards from your friends because Rob’s generosity with his friends is everywhere. The Seaside parking lot for example just one mile from his home shows Rob’s surfboards under the arms of people who are not Rob.

There are also vans in the Seaside parking lot. Mercedes Sprinters, Dodge Promasters and the like, all livable or at least nappable but there is only one Creeper; a name given to Rob’s boardroom on wheels that predates the birthdates of at least half the people who read this. A van that Rob bought years ago from a friend who needed cash as a favor. A friend who at the time was living in one of Rob’s guestrooms.

Creeping into Seaside with a Seaside. Rob Machado shot by Todd Glaser.

Inside it there are two Go Fish. Several mid length boards in development. And a brand new Seaside. Built-in Helium he describes its feelings while surfing as ” Lighter. Faster, flexier… got a little flow to it ” which is exactly what it feels like when you hang with Rob. Like a little flow has rubbed off on you. Like your life has become lighter and less serious. As if your limbs are more flexy and loose like the rebounding bend of a Helium Seaside beneath you being sprung from a turn on a shoulder high shoulder at Seaside Reef.

You’re with Rob and this is now.

Photo: Glaser.