What If Rob Was Regular?

Six Hundred Thousand.

Can you imagine that?

Six hundred thousand people.

All of them gathered in front of a movie screen inside of a huge stadium like Madison Square Garden, except thirty times bigger than Madison Square Garden, because M.S.G. only holds twenty thousand people.

It’s hard to envision a crowd that big because six hundred thousand (the number of times ‘ The Go Fish In France ‘ has been viewed) is a crowd so large that it would not fit into any sports or music venue on earth.

We cannot help you imagine what a crowd that size actually looks like.

But we can, with the help of mirror effects in Adobe Premiere Pro, help you imagine a visual much better than that of an undulating crowd, especially if you enjoy riding waves with your left foot forward.

It’s Rob surfing regular stance; as if that’s how it all started at Swami’s and Seaside. Back when Rob first set foot on wax, before becoming the person who can today command six hundred thousand towards a single YouTube video showing waist high waves in France.

The original version of this video was released in 2017 and it almost never happened.

We were given the original surf footage from our friends at Reef.

Reef had spent several weeks in France with several team riders, and when we began working on an edit several months later on a Wednesday morning alongside Rob in San Diego, we just couldn’t get it right.

Would Rob still love lefts if he was regular?

The song didn’t match the surfing.

Neither did the second song we tried, or the third.

And the edit we made didn’t flow properly either.

So we moved some waves around… B reel was added… Then B Reel was subtracted.

The color had to be adjusted next..

Still no song.

And what about the black line?

On Thursday we realized the deck of the Go Fish that Rob was surfing in the video had a black line on the deck from tip to tail because back when the footage was recorded, we hadn’t yet finalized the way the Go Fish would look when it landed at surf shops: clean, clear, white and line-less.

Going frontside with left foot forward. Rob Machado on the Go Fish.

We wondered; ‘Does that matter?‘..We talked. We decided, well, no. It does not.

By Saturday afternoon Rob and Chris (from The Wire Podcast – hear Rob’s brand new episode here) ended up in Rob’s living room in Cardiff – by -the – Sea with an open Mac Book Pro on the coffee table.

Eyes towards a glowing screen they talked about what they saw and recorded the conversation, eventually laying it over the surf footage in Adobe Premiere Pro.

The edit was done.

Today it’s the most watched video about a surfboard on YouTube, ever, that you can now watch reversed here.

All six hundred thousand of you.