Troy Eckert was the Marketing Mind behind Volcom for 20 years. And yoga helps him get barreled.

One of our favorite parts of this episode is when Troy describes how yoga gets him into barrels like this, and also keeps him from getting ripped apart.

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Troy Eckert was the marketing mind behind Volcom for 20 years.

In the early 90’s he was the first employee at Volcom. And he became Executive Vice President of Marketing before retiring early in 2010.

This means that everything you remember from Volcom’s prime – Bruce Irons, the Stone, Magna Plasm, the Pipe House and more – this was all stuff that Troy thought about and made decisions on daily, while also traveling to every desirable surf destination you can imagine, all in the name of ‘work’.

Troy can twist himself into a pretzel, which helps him twist through barrels large enough to fit six of us.

Today Troy is on The Wire with us. And he brought Derek Sabori with him.

Derek was a surf industry outsider who grew up away from the beach but loved surfing and joined Volcom in 1996.

Through a series of promotions he worked his way up to Vice President of Global Sustainability, putting him in charge of things like the V Co Logical line, the Give Back Series, the Volcom Pipe Pro, and 1% for the planet.

Derek had a hand in all things at Volcom that had to do with environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility. He left Volcom in 2015.

Derek Sabori (left) and Troy Eckert say yoga helps with everything – a thought they represent through Kozm.

And that brings us to today.

Both of these guys were very successful as surfers inside Volcom and they attribute much of their personal and professional success to yoga, which they are now representing through Kozm – a yoga-inspired line of clothing for men, made fair, with care.

As a former V.P. of Sustainability at Volcom, ECOBOARDS are a must for Derek. “Every board I own is an ECOBOARD” he says.

At Firewire we’re fans of Kozm because they don’t just represent an interest in maintaining a healthy and physically capable condition that makes surfing easier and more enjoyable no matter how old you are, they also represent much of the same environmental and social values that inspire us at Firewire, Slater Designs and Tomo Surfboards.

We think you’ll enjoy this episode. You’ll find it on iTunes here, and Stitcher here.

Kozm is so dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility that they list the origin of every material (over seven of them) involved in the Warrior Too shorts production.