The Wire Podcast – Nathan Myers Drifts with Rob Machado in a new issue of The Surfer’s Journal.

Rob Machado had a crisis in 2009 that spawned, the Drifter, a a film about his wanderings in Indonesia. And it wasn’t until 11 years later (in January of this year) that he revealed publicly for the first time what that crisis was that inspired The Drifter.

He did it within the printed pages of The Surfer’s Journal volume 29 number 1 – newly released at surf shops for you to read, right now. After you hear this new episode (on iTunes, Libsyn, Youtube).

Nathan Myers; editor of The Surfer’s Journal, with a mess of memories he sculpted into his brand new piece for TSJ: ‘The End of The Circle”.

Today we’re joined by Nathan Meyers who did not just write this brand new piece for The Journal, he also acted as screenplay writer for The Drifter, suffering through more than thirteen different screenplay edits along with the rest of the crew, who were all dealing with separate nightmares in the jungles of Indonesia.

People got sick, went insane, got in fights, ruined relationships and ten years later, all approved this new article for release, airing everyone’s dirty laundry and creating a new view into the circumstances that gave us The Drifter.