The FRK by Kelly Slater and Dan Mann

The FRK is a collaboration between Dan Mann and Kelly Slater that almost never happened. And now it has. And the story of it all is right here. So press play.

At 5:41 you hear Kelly talk about J-Bay.

Do you remember that? The barrel in the video below? The wave many called one of Kelly’s best of 17′?

..Barreled, barreled again, still barreled… And holy! WHAT? ..He made it out… pelvic thrust to claim!?

He’s riding the original 5’9 FRK there, at J-Bay. The one that Dan Mann gave him in 2015.

Swipe the FRK and More

Only weeks before that barrel was filmed at J-Bay, Kelly was surfing the FRK for the first time at Trestles, A full two years after Dan Mann had given it to him.

Kelly Slater: Stock 5’9 FRK. Dan Mann: Stock 5’11 FRK.

The FRKs creation story is one of the oldest and luckiest stories we’ve ever heard and you’ll recognize parts of it from the details Dan shared on this episode of The Wire Podcast (iTunesLibsynPlayerFM) recorded right after the Surf Ranch pro in 2018.

He was there in person at the Surf Ranch Pro to watch Kelly ride the FRK in competition, but just like WSL broadcasters and others, Dan cheekily referred to the FRK as ‘the 5’9’, because at the time, it’s name was a secret.

The FRK has been called the FRK since Dan Mann conceived it. It just hasn’t been shared publicly until now.

Kelly rides his stock 5’9 FRK in Hawaii, shot by Ryan Foley.

For FRK dimensions and more, click here.