The Dominator II: Watch Timmy Reyes Return from Injury on this Helium Shape from Dan Mann.

Timmy Reyes says that Huntington Beach is a wind factory and that all the wind in California originates there.

We are not sure if that’s true.

But we believe him when he says that it’s good to be back in the water, riding a Dominator II, a shape that he describes as ‘smoother’ than his previous favorite shape from Dan Mann, the Spitfire.

Timmy had a rough string of injuries several months ago with his knee, hip and back all flaring up in succession. But after some recovery and training, he is back. The clips in the video above were filmed during his first session back in the water. His sea legs are coming back quickly.

As discused in this episode, the Dominator was a round tailed all-round shortboard by Dan Mann that came out in 2008. Today the all new and updated Dominator II is a shape that Timmy describes as ‘better in transitions’ than the previous Dominator.

This episode of The Wire Podcast covers much more than just the Dominator II, such as why Timmy wears a collared shirt every Monday, the reason he never surfs on foggy days, why he might ‘un-retire’ from competition in 2021 at Steamer Lane, and much more.

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