Scientist Kevin Whilden on Climate Change and how it impacts surfing

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Kevin Whilden (right) with Rob Machado and Michael Stewart, his partner at Sustainable Surf.

Kevin Whilden is a scientist with a Masters Degree in Geology and a lifelong interest in how the world works.

Today he is partnered with Michael Stewart at Sustainable Surf, overseeing a host of programs like Deep Blue Events, an initiative directed at helping surfing’s largest brands lower their carbon footprint at surfings most respected events, and The ECOBOARD project, a collaborative effort with over 150 surfboard brands dedicated to lowering the environmental impacts of surfboard production.

This episode covers much about climate change and its impact on surfing, but it also covers much more, for example, your opportunity to win a Slater Designs surfboard of your choosing by filling out The Deep Blue Survey here.

Surfboard fins made from recycled ReRes – a recyclable surfboard resin.

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