Ron Shine manages Instagram’s largest surfboard community (and he also rips on a Baked Potato)

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Ron Shine sorts through at least 300 photos a day.

Each one shows a surfboard. Each one was sent to him by a fan who has emailed, tagged, texted or messaged him.

Ron Shine’s garage holds over 50 surfboards. This Baked Potato by Dan Mann is one of his favorites.

To give you an idea of just how sought after his surfboard centric attention is, we recorded this podcast when Ron had 135,000 followers. He now has 145,000. A 10k increase of audience in just weeks for BoardPorn. The account he owns, manages and oversees on Instagram.

It’s a task that would tire many but for Ron, it’s an energizing endeavor that brings surfing into his life in the moments that he’s not actually surfing.

When it comes to small wave surfing on a Timbertek groveler, Ron’s surfing is some of our favorite to watch.

The first 25 minutes of this episode explores the details of why Ron started BoardPorn, and how he turned it into what it’s become today – the world’s largest online community of surfboard enthusiasts we know of.

If you’re already a fan, you’ll enjoy this never before seen view of the wizard behind the curtain that covers:

– His favorite set of fins in a Baked Potato (and the 49 other boards he surfs).

– The surprising location that he does most of his Instagram posting from.

Lift-off in Costa Rica on a Timbertek Baked Potato.

– Who he thinks the next person to disrupt the surfboard shaping business will be.

– The uncommon access Ron has to his childhood heroes, solely because he built such an incredible audience on Instagram.

– His previous life as a surf journalist and how it prepared him for his efforts with BoardPorn.

– The surfboard built like an airplane wing that inspired him to ride his first Tomo shape.

Ron Hacks into a Puerto Rican shoulder on his Dan Mann designed Baked Potato.

As a resident of Rockaway Beach, New York who has a day job high in a Manhattan skyscraper, Ron’s lifestyle isn’t the stereotypical picture many would expect from the person at the helm of BoardPorn, but it’s a surfing life that looks very exciting (and authentic) through the lens of this episode.

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