Rob Machado And His Friends From SWITCHFOOT

Hear Rob tell his most unbelievable story in this episode. Photo: SanDiegoPhotographer

If you haven’t yet heard the story about the person who approached Rob Machado one day at the airport, moments after Rob got off a plane from Mexico, then you haven’t yet heard one of the most memorable tales of hilarity that a pro surfer has ever told.

It’s on iTunes here. Or listen below.

We were shocked when we heard it. So was SWITCHFOOT.

Joining us on this episode are Rob’s friends from SWITCHFOOT – Chad Butler (left), Jon Foreman (right) and Tim Foreman (center).

The story is the first thing you’ll hear in this brand new episode featuring Rob Machado and his longtime friends from Encinitas; SWITCHFOOT.

They go back a long way, Rob and SWITCHFOOT; a Grammy Award winning alternative rock band that grew up with Rob, and this episode reveals some funny and surprising elements from their collective past in California and everywhere else they’ve been together since.

There are many gems in this episode, like:

What SWITCHFOOT learned from touring with Dave Matthews Band.

The secret channel in Hawaii that Rob describes as ‘absurd’.

How SWITCHFOOT went to war with a crowd of metal heads in Florida (and how Hulk Hogan was involved).

The ‘second job’ Rob had while competing on tour that lead him to meeting SWITCHFOOT (you’ll never guess).

Enjoy it on iTunes here.