Rob Machado And His Therapist Talk Broken Bones, Mysterious Text Messages And Trophies In The Garden.

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Thirty years ago. Rob Machado and Christian Glasgow.

What you know is that Rob Machado is a Pipe Master. You know that he competed on the world tour for ten years. And that he won twelve events before retiring in 2001.

You also know about his second career. The seventeen years since he left the tour, surfing everywhere; inspiring, exciting and influencing people who surf all over the planet.

But there are things you don’t know.

Today. Rob Machado and Christian Glasgow with Chris Grow on The Wire Podcast.

You don’t know the secret story (until now) about how Rob broke his hand; the injury that led to his 2001 retirement. Or about the way he built his circle of friends as a six-year-old and maintained that crew his entire life.

Most importantly, you don’t know the way Rob became responsible for bringing psychological support to athletes competing in the World Surf League.

This episode is an intersection of these subjects and much more, culminating in a conversation about events that excited everyone who saw them in September as Rob surfed in the trials for the Surf Ranch Pro and nearly beat a collection of today’s most promising up and coming surf talent.

A trophy in two pieces. Rob with one of many competitive achievements that line his garden (and the garden at his brother’s house too).

This episode was recorded at the home of Rob’s Brother, right across the alley from his own home in Cardiff – by – the – Sea, California.

Both yards have trophies lining their edges. Some hidden, some in plain sight. Each one containing a story of Rob’s competitive career, and providing clues about the life Rob has led since.

You can enjoy this episode on iTunes here.

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