Pro-Lite’s ‘Hendo’ on the Cymatic, Seaside and Baked Potato (+ C-Street, Kayaks and building board bags that last)

Hendo is a huge human who rips.

He’s on this new episode of The Wire Podcast (listen on iTunes).

Hendo rides a Seaside. A Cymatic too. When it’s really small, a Baked Potato.

He is also one third of Pro-Lite, a company that makes what many of us at Firewire think are the best surfboard bags on the planet.

Firewire Team Rider Timmy Reyes takes a nap on The Smuggler.

For example, The Smuggler – a collaboration with Firewire team rider Timmy Reyes, designed to hide a third board during airplane travel in a board bag that looks like it’s only holding two surfboards.

A longtime fan of Daniel Thomson’s shapes, Mike ‘Hendo” Henderson taps the lip on an LFT EVO. Photo: Walt.

Pro-lite has a sustainability initiative centered in part on recycled materials (for example their Session Day Bag) and centered entirely on making things that last long and stay out of landfills.

Frontside wrap at C-Street in Ventura, CA on his LFT EVO.

It’s common for Hendo to hear about Pro-lite bags that have endured endless surf travel over more than 25 years of use. And it’s common for us to hear Hendo in the halls of Firewire Surfboards. He’s a great friend of ours and he’s someone we’re excited to introduce you to. Listen here.

Hendo’s Trunk. Sometimes a dog and a retro fish, always a shape from Tomo and a Baked Potato by Dan Mann (seen here in Timbertek).