Meet Harley Ingleby (even though you already have)

Harley is not new.

He’s been here forever with a blend of surfing and working that has made him one of the most reliable athletes on GoPro’s roster, capturing clips of himself and others for GoPro’s much anticipated Kings of POV that came out recently with Shane Dorian at a suspect slab in an Australian desert.

Torqued – Harley’s Thunderbolt shapes by Bill Tolhurst are built to bend and bounce back.

Our best example of Harley’s work ethic and ability to get in front of cameras is a clip you’ve seen many times before – Harley riding the Greedy Beaver – a shape that’s not even his, in the below clips, shot by Surfing Life in 2015.

He surfs it well enough (in very un-well waves) to make you think it’s his own shape, but it’s not, because his shapes are by Bill Tolhurst and they’re built in Thunderbolt – a long revered method of building longboards championed and invented by one off Japan’s most noteworthy craftsman, Yu Sumitomo.

Harley’s most recent clips show him on his HiHp model below, surfing waves much better than the clip above and this is what has enabled Harley to make the transition many haven’t – the one into adulthood with a comfortable career as a professional surfer, able to switch from a twin keel fish in knee high slop with a skill reminiscent of Machado, and then follow Shane Dorian inside of a barrel big enough to fit a car with rocks only inches beneath his fins.

Harley is a 2X World Champion Longboarder who earlier this Summer won heats in the Relik Malibu Classic with as much Heat savvy in grindy conditions as you’d expect from anyone, and most recently (like, last week recently) won the Australian Open at Dbah.

Feet Forward – Harley’s HiHp (pictured) and HiH4 are longboards made for barreling beach break and peeling point break. And more…

He is (think about it, really) one of the most multi-talented surfers around.

After years of admiration from everyone at Firewire we’re stoked to support him and each of his Thunderbolt shapes today – the HiHp, Hi4, Moe and Cruiser – a well rounded quiver of longboards (and more) built for ripping head high walls or trimming shin high points, all with multiple fin set ups (he designs fins too) to accommodate Harley’s unique mix of turns, torque and torpedo speed through tubes in Australia and elsewhere.

Often at mach speed – Harley Ingleby tube travels on his Thunderbolt HiHp by Bill Tolhurst.

You can explore more about Harley and his designs by Bill Tolhurst by pressing here.