Mark Price and Dan Mann Talk Trash on The Wire Podcast

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Over the past couple months, some of the most popular videos we’ve released have featured zero surfing.


Why? Because we’re a surfboard comapny. And surfing is what we do. It’s the reason we exist. And the most reasonable thing to assume is that surf videos would be the most popular videos we release. But it hasn’t been the case over the past couple months.

Above is a video showing the way we turn trash into sidewalk.

And below is a video showing how Dan Mann turns trash into surfboards.

Together these two videos combined for nearly 200,000 views on Instagram during the two week period they were released.

This excited us because environmental sustainability is front and center at Firewire, and if our audience is as excited by it as we are, then that means more sustainability for everyone. More actions towards a healthy planet. Higher awareness of the environmental crisis. More people doing more than standing on the sidelines as climates change, species die, and the fate of our ocean becomes more uncertain.

With these two videos in our rearview, Dan Mann and Mark Price hopped onto this episode of The Wire Podcast to talk about both Firewire’s paver program and Dan Mann’s interest in building things from trash.

It’s a fun episode that covers much, and we think you’ll enjoy it. And if you do, you can treat this other podcast episode (mentioned in this episode, featuring William Rees) as further listening.