The Man in the (demo) Van – Chuy Reyna.

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Chuy on the only Helium Cymatic in existence – a part of Chuy’s job is testing each shape in Helium, LFT and Timbertek to help Tomo, Kelly, Rob and others decide what build tech goes best with each shape.

If you grew up in California in the 80’s or 90’s you saw Chuy Reyna on TV. In magazines. In surf videos like Blazing Boards alongside Occy.

If you’re growing up today in California you’ve seen him beachside with more surfboards than you’ve ever seen fit inside a Mercedes Sprinter.

Chuy with one of his favorite shapes – the Helium Seaside by Rob Machado.

He’s the man in the demo van and to put it bluntly in pidgeon – ‘Chu surf mo’ betta dan u’ today and yesterday and probably for a lot of tomorrow’s to come. He’s 50 and his turns look as fun today as they looked in 88′.

Always in form – Chuy Reyna on the Cymatic in-between Northern California demos.

In addition to managing Firewire’s Demo program in the United States, Chuy also stays on the front lines of product development alongside Rob Machado, Daniel Thomson, and Kelly Slater.

He’s talented at fine-tuning shapes and surfboard building technologies because he hasn’t just  surfed every surfboard shape and surfboard building technology in Firewire’s history, he also surfs at the most important level of talent when it comes to deciding what surfboards will land at surf shop racks and which ones won’t – he shreds hard enough to hang in a lineup with professionals, but he’s not a freak, he’s normal. He bridges the gap between everyday surfers and sponsored surfers, and his opinions matter to everyday folks. That’s why he’s the man in the (demo) van.

Tune into this brand new episode of The Wire Podcast. Because if Eddie Vedder listens to Chuy, shouldn’t you?

Even Eddie Vedder looks and listens when Chuy starts using hand motions to describe how Rob Machado’s Moonbeam compares to Kelly Slater’s Omni.