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This episode is an hour and a half of hangs with Kelly Slater at his San Clemente home alongside Action The Dog.

We talk about The Gamma (his new surfboard), golfing with Bill Murray, and the difference between finding yourself stranded on an island with Eddie Vedder vs. Jimmy Buffet.

We also dig into the details behind Kelly’s role at Outerknown, what life was like when he was sponsored by Quiksilver, and many previously unheard stories about his friends Dane Reynolds and Bob Hurley.

Kelly Slater is on this new episode of The Wire Podcast.

We also go on a lot of fun and unexpected tangents such as cryogenically freezing yourself on accident (don’t do it), the curiosity of brain traumas, the social habits of dogs vs. humans, and what it’s like to make deep changes in your diet, life habits and more.

Here are links to things discussed in this episode:

The Helium Gamma

Action The Dog

How to NOT cryogenically freeze yourself

The Clean Slate Trunk by Outerknown

Rodney Mullen in Liminal

Rory Mcllroy and the brain injury

Cyborg Santos’ MMA head injury

Kelly Slater with the Helium Gamma on the Gold Coast of Australia.

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