Kelly Slater Talks Algae Traction (+ your chance to win)

Kelly is hard to catch so when you catch him you grasp him tightly like the diamond grooves of an Algae Traction Pad, holding your heel to your surfboard as you rotate further, above the lip… further, further… landed.

Last week Kelly landed at our headquarters shortly before he landed in Hawaii and we held him long enough in Carlsbad, CA to sit him on the sofa you see below, where you can today see the three traction pads he touched, talked about and eventually tore open in the video above. 

To make things fun we saved the pads just like he left them and we will now give them to one lucky winner – a Three Piece Arch Algae Pad, Five Piece Arch Algae Pad, and a Four Piece Flat Algae Pad (with bidegradable eco-packaging torn to shreds but the pad still obviously perfect).

Just like Kelly left them – the three Algae Traction Pads Kelly touched, talked about and tore open in the video above. 

We’ll also send our winner a Six Foot Slater Designs Comp Leash.

That means our winner will receive nearly everything Kelly touched in this video (except for the Sofa, etc. and with that in mind, full contest rules are here).

Want to enter? It’s easy. Just sign up for the Slater Designs email list below. We’ll pick our winner and notify them by email at 12:00 Noon PST on January 11th, 2019. Must be a U.S. resident to be eligible.

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Have you heard? We make these Algae Traction Pads out of algae sourced from freshwater habitats at risk of toxic algal bloom. It’s a problem in many places like Kelly’s home state of Florida, and it has earned much media attention recently with Kelly even appearing on Anderson Cooper’s show.

Kelly and Anderson Cooper talk Toxic Algal Bloom. Click right here to watch on Facebook. Kelly comes on at the 3:00 minute mark.

What causes it? Well, agricultural runoff, excessive fertilizer used in surrounding areas, poor water circulation, all sorts of things. And we haven’t got a grip on what the whole solution is but we’ve got a handle on how to use some of the algal overgrowth to keep your surfboard gripped tightly to your feet.

Learn more about Toxic Algal Bloom and possible solutions to this problem from our friends at Surfrider right here. Learn more about BLOOM Algae Foam here.