Kelly Slater and Dan Mann are giving you a shot at winning an FRK (and one of eleven pairs of signed FRK prints).

Laughing Legends. Kelly Slater and Dan Mann talk Step Ups and FRKs.

Limited. Scarce. Rare. All words describing the number of FRK prints signed by both Kelly Slater and Dan Mann.

There are only eleven pairs of Anaglyph ( more on that below ) prints to celebrate one of the most, coincidental and random Surfer / Shaper stories of all time.

Ten lucky winners will each receive a pair of FRK prints signed by both Kelly Slater and Dan Mann.

And our eleventh GRAND PRIZE winner will receive a pair of signed prints AND an FRK in the stock dimensions of their choosing.

How to win?

Kelly Slater rides a 5’9. Dan Mann rides a 6’1.

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The FRK is the kind of Shaper / Surfer story that happens maybe once in a Shaper / Surfer’s career.

We’re adding a new chapter to it with these prints that will be available just this one time, between now and the end of the waiting period at J-Bay.

The timing isn’t a coincidence…

Swapping thoughts on rocker curves.

Because while J-Bay is not where the FRK story began – it began at Trestles or Coronado Island, depending on whether you think this is a Shaper Story (Coronado; 15′) or a Surfer Story (Trestles;’ 17′) – but J-Bay IS where the surfing world first saw the FRK in 2017, when Kelly did what many called his best surfing of the year.

Altered FRK Step-Ups to the right, and a No Brainer to the left. Kelly Slater and Dan Mann talk boards for waves big and small.

Graphic Artist Raz Mehlsen created these prints in Anaglyph style, a method of superimposing two images on top of each other and printing them in separate colors, commonly referenced as the vintage way to do 3d before more modern methods developed for blu-ray and television, known as Top/Bottom 3d and SBS 3d.

Freshly signed with ink still wet at our Currumbin, Australia Headquarters.

On his decision to place each headshot (shot by Todd Glaser) inside of an Anaglyph print, he cites his guideline as ‘a forgotten treasure’ for the way the FRK was forgotten in Kelly’s San Clemente shed for a full two years before it was surfed.

There are only eleven pairs of these signed prints showing Kelly Slater and Dan Mann in Anaglyph by photographer Todd Glaser and Graphic Artist Raz Mehlsen.

Raz says: “This whole 3D look is very modern… but the method of producing a 3D in Anaglyph, to me, is a forgotten treasure. The Anaglyph technique was used in a lot of old horror movies… So, FRK being ‘The Freak”, and considering “The Freak” as a forgotten treasure that was lost for two years before Kelly rode it, that’s what created the look of these prints.”

Good luck to everyone who enters.