Jess Lambert Draws Halcyon Lines on The Wire podcast

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Drawing different lines with Jess Lambert

Jess Lambert meditates calmly on what others might find tedious.

She’s known around her home in Byron Bay as someone who can spend as much as 10 to 30 hours drawing intricate lines on surfboards that interweave to create the enchanting aesthetic you see below.

The Submoon. With added touches from Jess Lambert.

While it’s common today for many to spend their free time operating in 2 minute periods of attention; tallying likes on Instagram before checking Facebook notifications and then continuing the cycle across other social platforms, Jess wakes up with a different drive, feeling pulled towards surfboards and pens, instead of a cell phone. She zones out in details with a longer attention span than some could sustain.

There are only two Slater Designs Banana models built in Timbertek on earth. And they both have Jess’ artwork on them. Kelly has one, the other is in our Australian Headquarters.

For Jess, drawing creates what she calls “A state of calmness, without stress” represented by her artistic identity; ‘Halcyon Lines’ on Instagram and on the web. Halcyon meaning ‘an idyllically happy and peaceful time’. Sound familiar? It’s how many surfers view surfing, and could explain partially why Jess prefers surfboards as a canvas despite the occasional respite into something like shoes.

A short respite from her work on surfboards. A friends wall, and a Converse shoe.

I don’t get stressed that much” she laughs, “maybe it’s because I’m always drawing or always at the beach, and salt water fixes everything.”

Since drawing on her first surfboard in 2014 she has created over 50 pieces in total that have have been sent to clients across Australia, the U.K., China and more. But her art on Timbertek and LFT boards from designers like Daniel Thomson and Dan Mann doesn’t just hang on the wall in clients homes and offices. Jess often has her work coated when finished, so that clients can slide it across the water on waves, and not just show it off to friends.

Rob Machado’s Creeper on the wall at Goodies Juice Bar in Byron Bay.

Timbertek boards look so great with drawing on them. They’re the most popular boards I’ve worked on. I swear the amount I talk about Firewire boards makes me feel like I work for Firewire” She Jokes.

After beginning 2017 with growing interest in her work from different corners of the earth you may find Halcyon Lines visible at the beach near you sooner than later.

I’ve never been to the west coast,” She says while commenting on California, but she’s quick to share that she may be there soon, “I get so many people from around that way telling me to let them know if I ever come over so they can get some work done. The surf art scene seems pretty massive. I need to get over there ASAP.”

One of her favorite canvases is Timbertek surfboards like this one.

For more on Jess, visit her on the Web at Halcyon Lines or on Instagram here. If you like the song in the intro for this episode, you’ll find that here.