Is Tristan Sullaway pro, or no? ( + Tavarua, paddling across oceans, and Kelly on Dan Mann’s boards.)

Triastan Sullaway on the FRK at Cloudbreak. Photo: Nick Liotta.

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Tristan Sullaway has been tubed at Cloudbreak (a lot), and once surfed G – Land for eight hours straight. He has stickers on his board but also graduated college. He’s a lifeguard who is 6 foot 3 and maybe still growing.

On the Hydronaut. Photo: Joeli.

He rides Dan Mann’s boards (and Tomo’s) and actually borrowed Dan Mann’s paddle board once to paddle 32 miles from Catalina Island to Manhattan Beach.

Mini-Vans full of Surfboards at Cafe Moto. Tristan has a Ford, Dan has a Toyota.

He grew up in La Jolla, working his way up from La Jolla Shores to the more desirable rocks and reefs forming some of California’s best waves, but today he’s often away from home in Mainland Mexico or Indonesia or anywhere else that might let him pull into tubes large enough to stand in.

It’s not all trunks and tubes. Tristan in the cold somewhere north.

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Always with new shapes – Tomo Hydroshort and Go Fish by Rob Machado.

We talk about the Hydronaut, FRK, and other boards, as well as what it’s like to be a boatman on Tavarua, why Dan Mann had a meltdown one day surfing with Tristan, and why it’s a bad idea to train for a 32 mile race by paddling a 15 mile stretch of ocean just once.

Join us.

Tristan turns off the top on his Slater Designs FRK by Dan Mann.