Wrestling with Mother Nature: Timmy Reyes on the Hydronaut

This episode goes deep with Timmy Reyes. So deep that it requires two pages of notes.

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Timmy Reyes rides the Hydronaut somewhere south of California.

I love conditions,” Says Timmy; “Whether it’s a one-foot glassy beautiful day with a little peeler… that gives me as much joy as a twenty-foot day… glassy and peeling…. it’s the same to me.

On a one foot day Timmy prefers the Go Fish. On a twenty foot day, he likes the Hydronaut.

Timmy also likes freezing water, scary waves, the Northwest and Wrestling with Mother Nature; the phrase he uses to describe his experiences in larger waves like Jaws and Puerto Escondido. Above all he likes Chuy Reyna, the Man in the Van from our previous episode, so Chuy joins us in this episode.

Here’s some of our favorite highlights that you’ll hear after you click play:

On riding massive waves:

..Because I don’t surf big waves all the time, sometimes I feel a bit out of my realm… but after I do it for a couple weeks, my mind turns off, the horns grow and I just want to get crazy.

On the Hydronaut. Somewhere between having horns and not having horns.

On how he sizes his Hydroanuts:

I can go from a 5’8 to a 6’6… so for the fact that I can ride probably from the 5’8 all the way to the 6’6, with me weigh 155 pounds, it’s pretty rad…. I don’t know if I can turn that board [the 6’6] as well as someone that weights 175 pounds, but I sure can get barreled with it.”

Timmy’s quiver: Three Hydronauts, a Go Fish, and an SKX.

Timmy spends much of his winters in “The Northwest” an intentionally broad description of a 1500 mile radius in North America, largely unknown by the world’s surfing populations, but not Timmy. He’s spent nine years dialing into this territory. He scored the below session several years ago:

On the Omni:

goes fast… you can turn it hard, you can fly in the air…

Omni in the air. Courtesy of Timmy Reyes.

Still on the Omni:

“…but it does barrel ride really well, too

Wrapped up in water. Timmy Reyes on the Omni.

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