The HYDROSHORT and Algae Traction. Tomo is back in California.

Daniel Thomson lives near a point break and also near a lake – Lake Ainsworth – so the ocean isn’t the only body of water in his neighborhood.

Swipe Tomo’s Shapes

But still, the ocean is usually the only body of water he’s able to actually get wet in, because Toxic Algal Bloom levels in Lake Ainsworth make it unsafe for swimming, very often.

Algae seen on the shoreline of Lake Ainsworth near Tomo’s home. When algal overgrowth creates Toxic Algal Bloom, swimming in this lake is unsafe. Photo: Science20

The Balina Shire Council (B.S.C.) ranks the level of Toxic Algal Bloom in Lake Ainsworth using colors Red, Yellow, and Green.

Red means the number of ‘Microcystis Aeruginosa Cells ‘ in the lake have risen above 50,000; the amount it takes to make it dangerous to swim.

Yellow means you probably still shouldn’t get in. And green means you’re safe. But in a season like this one that is so hot in Australia (the country just had it’s hottest day ever on record just this past Wednesday) Red levels can be common.

But today Tomo is not at home in Australia.

He’s at his second home here in California.

The Helium Hydroshort at Moonlight Beach. Far from Lake Ainsworth and the Australian heat.

He comes here this time of year, every year, because he says “It’s the season that I’m most excited to stay in California, I’m not super particular about spots but Seaside, Swamis and La Jolla are usually where I look first. And if the surf is bad, I go snowboarding somewhere.

Earlier this week (on the exact day that Australia was having it’s hottest day ever) we cornered Tomo during a routine surf check in San Diego to ask him about his Hydroshort model, and he shared even more than that.

A balancing act in California. Tomo with his Helium Hydroshort.

With the heat back home on his mind, and the way it can impact Toxic Algal Bloom levels, he discussed how surprised he is that Slater Designs is able to turn Algae that ” You’d expect to be really slimy ” into ” something that is incredibly grippy that never changes over time. “

With two Hydroshorts in California. Daniel ‘Tomo’ Thomson.

Press play above to watch. And if you’d like to learn more about Toxic Algal Bloom, check out Surfrider’s recent article, or see how BLOOM FOAM turns algae into EVA foam blends for Slater Designs, shoe brands, and more.

Hydroshort dimensions are found here.

Timmy Reyes rides the HYDROSHORT.