Forty Seconds of Cylinders on the Helium Hydroshort

Dan Sinclair is a RVCA team rider from Australia who is often in California and always surfing.

He prefers wetsuits to board shorts, likes cold water, and loves spinning quickly above the lip, but above all, he chases barrels.

Our favorite thing about him is that he’s always coming by our office to get us to go surfing (our office in California and our office on the Gold Coast) even when the waves aren’t good.

He’s so hyped he even started a club in high school called ‘Froff Lords”,but that was forever ago, and today he’s in college, somehow still scoring waves on multiple continents every time the conditions align.

Dan Sinclair’s Helium Hydroshort by Daniel Thomson.

This is a session filmed on his Heilum Hydroshort somewhere in Australia this September, just before this brand new shape from Daniel Thomson was released to the public.

“This session was my second time surfing the Hydroshort, ever” He says, continuing that ” When I was about to just off the rocks to surf this session, a guy getting out told me it was big, and that the board I had under my arm wouldn’t work in these conditions, but the Hydroshort really exceeded my expectations in steep hollow waves. Love it. Thanks Tomo for the creativity.”

The Helium Hydroshort in a thorny place, paired with the Slater Designs Three Piece Arch Algae Pad.

For Helium Hydroshort dimensions and more, press here.