Behind the Scenes at Surf Ranch with the WSL, KSWC, and Slater Designs.

All smiles after a full day at Surf Ranch.

You can hear this episode on iTunes here.

It’s not physically possible to fit each of you who read this inside the Surf Ranch gates at the same time, but we still wish you were with us on April 10th in Lemoore.

By now you’ve most likely seen the result of our time there with Kelly and the Surf Ranch crew.

The video we made that day just hit 100,000 views on YouTube and it shows Kelly riding both the LFT Gamma and Helium Gamma.

To celebrate the recent 100k benchmark, we thought it would be fun to share some stories and stoke with you from such a fun day of watching Kelly surf and surfing the wave ourselves.

Watching Kelly surf was fun. So was watching the paving stone install. We make these out of waste upcycled from the board building process.

We share our thoughts on the best boards for surf ranch, subtleties of the wave that first-time surfers will find useful, our garden pavers that were installed while we were there, Jordy Smith on an Omni and a Cymatic, and more.

Listen here on Libsyn or here on iTunes (unless you haven’t seen the video below, watch that first).