Sebastian Williams

DOB: May 03 2000
Sponsors: Firewire, Quiksilver, Futures, Island Style, and Vestal Favorite Wave: J-bay, Pipeline and OTW
Inspiration: Going to new locations for contests and free surfs

The 2015 Quiksilver King of the Groms champion learned to surf in Hawaii while growing up in California. He is a 2014 and 2015 Surfing South Africa Pro Surf Tour champion, and has been listed on the Surfer Magazine Hot 100 Grom division since 2011. He has traveled to Indonesia, Brasil, Mexico, El Salvador and South Africa, and his favorite surf spots are Jeffreys Bay, Puerto Escondido and Keramas. Seb represented South Africa in the 2015 ISA Junior World Championships in California. Seb lives in California, South Africa and Mexico at different times of the year when he is not travelling to different surf spots around the world.