Pacha Light

What’s the last thing you thought about?    I’ve been day dreaming a lot about why it feels so good to touch the salt water, put your hands in the soil and feel the earth.
Where do you live?    I’m currently living on the Gold Coast, Australia.
If you could leave on any surf trip right now, where would you go?    Maybe after checking the swell, water temperature and theennnn, I’d head to either South America, Mozambique, Tahiti, New Zealand, Madagascar, Galapagos, Maldives.... the list will always go on!
When you go on a trip, what do you miss about home?    My family for sure, I would miss my mothers cooking and my brothers music but I also love a good routine and the relaxation of being in a familiar place.
Favorite Band or Artist?    I’ve been loving Steve Lacy, Willow Smith and Ry X but my style varies with my mood- I could listen to Amy Winehouse and Tyler, the Creator in one day.
Favorite TV show or Movie or Documentary?    I love watching David Attenborough! Our family surf film is Blue Horizon. I just love movies that challenge me or make me ask questions, the Joker was amazing...
Last person you went surfing with?    My friend Vahine Fierro. We surfed together and then the next day she won the women’s Best Barrel award the following evening. Inspo!!!!
What food or drink do you crave after surfing?    I looooovveeee a big bowl of fruit!
If you couldn’t be you, who would you be?    Hmmmm maybe a big rainforest tree or a creature that lives under the sea.
Best board currently?    I’m absolutely in love with my custom Slater Designs LFT Gamma for an everyday shortboard but I love jumping on all shapes and sizes!
If you could send a text message to the whole world, what would it say?    “Hi world, it’s Pacha here... It’s time to slow down and reconnect with this earth. We are the children of the mountains, rivers and seas. It’s time to celebrate and protect what gives us life- our Mother Earth.”

I really believe in a happy, healthy, sustainable lifestyle and connecting to nature so when I was gifted a surfboard by pro surfer Laura Enever when busking as a 10 year old, I instantly fell in love. I go into the ocean everyday so it makes sense protecting something that gives you so much joy. Competition has allowed me to travel to new places and meet so many new people- as well as learning and having fun! I love the innovation that comes in the surfing world- from surfers to surfboards, the future is incredibly bright, especially for sustainability and women’s surfing. Doing what you love is key- smiles and always feeling stoked!