Ryland Blakeney

Ryland Blakeney
  • DOB: 1/7/82
  • Height and Weight: 6'0 and 93kg
  • Favorite Kiteboard Spot: Definately love nothing more than scoring good waves in indo! home (west oz) is pretty epic too!
  • Daily Driver: For paddling i love the spitfire for general everyday surf. for kiting i'd say the pyzalian at the moment.
  • Why Firewire?: Coz there boards rock! great strength, flex and weight combo! They last longer than most customs boards and plenty of great options working with leading shapers.

Been surfing since I was 5yrs old and Kiting since 2000. Was instantly hooked to kiting as I needed something to keep me sane through our windy and small swell summers at home. spent the first few years on a twin tip but starting loosing the passion- then around 2005 started riding surfboards only with a kite and it just felt right! Haven’t touched a twin tip since and take kites on every surf trip I do. If the surf is ever blown out I just kite and if I plan to kite but wind doesn’t come in I just surf- keeps all bases covered!