Mia McCarthy

Mia McCarthy
  • DOB: 27 May 1999
  • Height and Weight: 161cm/5'4" and 45kg/105 pounds
  • Sponsors: Firewire, Billabong
  • Favorite Wave: Leftys, Margaret River

Surfing is my inspiration. I love everything about it. I especially love the feeling of being in the ocean. Even if the waves are not perfect I still love those waves just as much as perfect ones. Being healthy and fit to surf the way I want to is really important to me. – I love the feeling when you surf a wave from start to finish and you surf it the best you can, or when you land a turn that you never thought you would make. I just want to keep getting better so I can get that feeling again and again.

Also, I’m inspired by athletes from pretty much every sport. I see how good they are at their sport and their passion to be the best they can be. Really good art makes me happy too. I have always loved art and want to create art for the rest of my life. Amazing artist such as Donald J Waters, Robin Mead and Georgia O’keefe inspire me.