Khi Williams

Khi Williams
  • Sponsors: RipCurl, Creatures, Futures Fins, Vortex, Bersih, JR's Marion
  • Favorite Wave: Multiple waves over the west coast of south Australia
  • Daily Driver: At the moment I am riding a 5’5 SKX model but also love riding my Slater Designs Gamma Helium 5'6"

My interest in surfing started around 3 years ago. I had skated all my life and was getting over it, I hit a big slump in skateboarding and didn’t enjoy it anymore so I looked at surfing. My dad surfed when he was younger so it was easy for him to push me. I went through second hand surfboards quickly trying as many different ones as I could, I used standard short boards, longboards, twin fins, single fins and finless boards. I loved surfing because I think you can never get bored of it, every wave is never the same. You could go through 5 different surf crafts in your lifetime and be lucky if you master 2. This excites me and is the reason I love surfing.

All I am focused on is improving my surfing and having fun. I wish to improve all aspects of my surfing whether that be in the air, on rail, my style or in competition surfing!