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“I’m not sure if the perfect board really exists, but I’m enjoying the freedom to collaborate with some of surfing’s most innovative shapers and designers.

It is a quest to create something different in a slightly different way that appeals to where I want to go on a wave. Discovering a new feeling under my feet, drawing a new line, or taking a completely different track on a wave is something I never stop dreaming about.

Now being able share and grow that idea with others is what keeps surfing fun for me.”

-Kelly Slater

#DrawingNewLines since 2016

Three years ago Slater Designs was launched using the image above, showing Kelly on the Sci-Fi in Fiji, shortly before Stu Kennedy rode it at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast.

Since then the Sci-Fi has remained a favorite on surf shop racks everywhere alongside the Omni, Cymatic and Gamma.

Watch below to see Kelly’s surfboard designing mind in motion as he tests two stock 5’9 Gammas; one in Helium and one in LFT.

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Sci - Fi 2.0. @timmymissions shares his thoughts on this @tomo_surfboards shape in our bio link. 📸 @vogrady_heartwideopen #ElectricInLFT #DrawingNewLines ...

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@firewiresurfboards and @slaterdesigns are covering the cost of 100 boards to be split between First Responders in the United States and Australia, and you can enter to win one of them (If you’re a First Responder) by submitting your email address in our bio link.

If you are NOT a First Responder, this is your opportunity to upgrade your quiver and say thanks alongside us. Because the first 100 people to buy a surfboard from our website will each have a surfboard donated in their name to our total pool of 100 boards to be given to First Responders in Australia and the U.S.A.

It’s that simple - if you buy a board on our website, we’ll gift a board to a First Responder chosen at random from our email list of First Responder entrants.

#ResponderStoke 📸 @toddglaser

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Above the lip whips from @brodi_sale. See our bio for backstory on his 5'11 FRK by @kellyslater and @dan__mann. #ElectricInLFT #DrawingNewLines ...

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