Slater Designs

“I’m not sure if the perfect board really exists, but I’m enjoying the freedom to collaborate with some of surfing’s most innovative shapers and designers.

It is a quest to create something different in a slightly different way that appeals to where I want to go on a wave. Discovering a new feeling under my feet, drawing a new line, or taking a completely different track on a wave is something I never stop dreaming about.

Now being able share and grow that idea with others is what keeps surfing fun for me.”

-Kelly Slater

#DrawingNewLines since 2016

Three years ago Slater Designs was launched using the image above, showing Kelly on the Sci-Fi in Fiji, shortly before Stu Kennedy rode it at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast.

Since then the Sci-Fi has remained a favorite on surf shop racks everywhere alongside the Omni, Cymatic and Gamma.

Watch below to see Kelly’s surfboard designing mind in motion as he tests two stock 5’9 Gammas; one in Helium and one in LFT.

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Sweatshirt, beanie and a round tail. All signs of Winter approaching in California. @kellyslater and his FRK. 📸 @alexkilauano @dan__mann #DrawingNewLines ...

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@stueykennedy FRK session shot by @letitshine_video. @dan__mann #DrawingNewLines ...

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How Kelly’s ‘One Foot Oceanside’ model became a No Brainer at wavepools - press our bio for backstory on how this flat rockered groveler became a favorite at @bsrsurfresort and @surf.ranch, and also at small beach breaks around the planet as well. #DrawingNewLines. 🎶@theheavytwelves ...

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