Nev Hyman

Nev Hyman
  • Inspiration: 1970’s Terry Fitzgerald, McCoy, Parish, Brewer 1980’s + 90’s Rusty, Al Merrick, Eric Arakawa, Glenn Minami.

Firewire Surfboards has quite a fascinating history thanks to the man behind the boards, Australian shaper Nev Hyman, and has become one of the most well respected high-performance Epoxy/EPS surfboard manufacturers. Nev has over 35 years experience designing surfboards, and was one of the first shapers to embrace the potential of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and machining. 

When Western Australia based surfboard innovator Bert Berger first approached Nev with what was to become Firewire’s Future Shape Technology (FST), Nev immediately appreciated how revolutionary the technology was, and with support from industry veterans including Matthew Perrin, Dougall Walker, Chuy Reyna and Mark Price, Firewire was borne. Nev also designed Taj Burrow’s equipment for the 5-years that Taj was on the Firewire team, a period during which his competitive results improve dramatically with CT wins around the world including J-Bay and Pipeline. 

While still designing boards for Firewire teamriders, Nev now devotes most of his time to the NevHouse project, an organization that builds low cost, sustainable housing built almost exclusively from recycled materials, and which focused on improving the living conditions of tropical islanders in SW Asia. One of the fittest elder statesmen in the surfboard industry today, Nev still charges the line-up daily. 

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