Mark Martinson

Mark Martinson
  • Age: 68
  • Residence: North Shore Oahu
  • Inspiration: Hand Crafting
  • Favorite Firewire Model: Noserider

Mark Martinson has enjoyed a decades long career as a top notch surfer and longboard designer. Winner of the 1965 United States Surfing Championships, and a globetrotting lead in a series of surf movies made by Greg MacGillivray and Jim Freeman in the mid to late ‘60s,  he hit his surfing peak in the late ’60s as one of the first California riders to fully adapt to the new short surfboards.  Martinson rode out of a low crouch, and occasionally pushed his turns past the breaking point at places like Sunset Beach in Hawaii.

After working as a commercial fisherman from 1973 to 1992; he then focussed his attention on longboard design and shaping, culminating in a line of longboards for Robert August Surfboards in Huntington Beach. In 2009, Martinson was inducted to the Huntington Beach Surfing Walk of Fame and he now resides in Hawaii where he continues to shape some of the cleanest traditional longboards available in the market today. With that in mind, when Wingnut joined Firewire, Mark has his first choice as a colab partner for Wingnut’s signature nose-rider design. 

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