Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there.

Thanks for dropping in – we’re stoked to have you cruising around on our website and we hope you find what you need here.

Please know that we’d love to chat with you, and you can reach us at the below emails. BUT – the world is in an odd spot right now, and our ability to respond immediately over email is challenged by our limited staff at this time and the volume of inquiries we receive.

That said – you can be stoked and assured that our shipping and receiving is firing on all cylinders still, so if you’re ordering a board, there will be no delays above what you’d experience under normal, non-coronavirus circumstances.

With this in mind, we’re urging you to reference the questions and answers below before reaching out to us, but if you need to reach out to us, you can.



I heard about your #CoreStoreCollab. Can I have $50 off my purchase price instead of giving it to a shop? – No, surf shops are a cornerstone of our culture. Please join us in supporting them through these unexpected times.

What’s your return policy? – The full policy is here. In short – in the minuscule chance that a board is defective after sneaking through our many layers of quality control, we’ll return or exchange it, of course. We want you to be stoked. Contact us at, U.S.A.:

How much does shipping cost? Flat rate of $55 AUD per board if you’re in Australia, and if you’re in the States it’s $70 USD per shortboard, $100 USD per mid-length board and $180 USD for longboards.

When will the board get to me? U.S.A. West Coast: three to six days. U.S.A. East Coast: nine to twelve days. If you’re in West Aus., South Aus., or Victoria: about five to seven days. If you’re in Queensland or New South Wales, about one to two days.

Do you offer expedited shipping? At this time, no, stay tuned.

What if the board breaks in transit? Don’t sweat – we’ve been shipping boards to beaches around the planet for 14 years and we know how to protect them during shipping. In the strange case that something goes wrong, email photos to if you’re in the States, and if you’re in Australia. We’ll help.

Can I have a board shipped to my local shop? At this time no, but please, give them a buzz and see if they have what you’re looking for before you order from this website. You can find a list of surf shops near you right here.

Can I track my package? Yes, when you order your board, you’ll receive an order confirmation. Within a day or so after that, you’ll receive a tracking number when the board leaves our warehouse.

What’s the difference between Helium and LFT? Hear from Kelly Slater’s mouth right here. In short – LFT is best at controlling speed in good waves, Helium is best at creating speed in weak waves. That said, everyone’s preference is different, and we love them both in all conditions.

What is Thunderbolt and why is it better than traditional longboard materials? Hear from Harley Ingleby here. In short – it’s optimized for weight and flex in ways not possible with traditional materials.

Can you help decide what size board I should order? Start with our volume calculator here.

I’m a beginning surfer, can you suggest what board models are best for beginners? Yes. The Greedy Beaver, The Vacay, and the MOE model from Harley Ingleby.

Can I contact you? Yes – Australia:, U.S.A.: