Firewire is dedicated to building high performance surfboards and accessories through innovative design, materials and construction methods. We strive to do so with the lowest possible impact on the environment while also giving back to the global surf community through support of various environmental and humanitarian organizations.



  • Sustainable Surf

    Ecoboard Certified

    Firewire embraced the ECOBOARD program from day one with the introduction of our TIMBERTEK models. The combination of sustainably grown Paulownia wood deck skins and bio-resin throughout, qualified TIMBERTEK for ECOBOARD certification, and with over 10,000 TIMBERTEK boards in the water since its introduction, surfers have clearly appreciated our efforts in this regard.

    In July of 2014 we took the next step when we converted our entire production to Entropy Super Sap bio-resin, and thereby qualified every Firewire board for Sustainable Surf’s ECOBOARD certification, the only global board builder to do so.

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  • Bast Surf


    Named after the Egyptian Goddess of Protection, San Diego based BAST decided to do something about the incredible amount of waste packaging associated with the shipping and receving of surfboards between manufacturers and retailers. After collaborating with Firewire, the end result is a 100% post-consumer packaging system, which not only removes bubble pack, cardboard and packing tape, but can also be re-used to protect boards whenever surfers travel.

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