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    Thanks Goanna what you described is exactly how im finding it The nano is really fast and great fun but as the surf gets bigger it seems get over powered especially in fast hollow beach breaks I got pitched several times a little while back and now i don't feel as confident on it in bigger surf, still love it up to a little over head but at times im looking to slow it down. I live on the sunshine coast and we don't get that much big heaving surf here but its nice to have a board that will be comfortable when we do. I've always fancied the MD but had trouble Justifying spending a grand for a couple of sessions a year

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    Thanks for coming back Goanna. I haven't crossed the MD off the list yet Im in the market for an other board just what I bought a double agent a month or two back and have been having a great time on it up to about chest high. it goes bigger but other boards do better but the round tail and rail profile got me thinking its so similar to the unibrow may be I could control this shape better in bigger surf so the debate started Unibrow Mini Driver Pile Driver? Ill probably keep the Nano as its great in certain breaks but its not quite my daily driver to take over from the Double Agent. I can only fit two boards in my work van so im looking for something for from chest up mainly open beach breaks. I see a couple of guys on MD's and they do well but their pretty hot surfers I suppose its something I have to work out

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    Yeah fair call. The way I look at though is that at least I have it when I really need it. There will be one or two days that you wish you had it and to be honest as much as I love riding the Nano I feel it is skipping past parts of the wave I want to be on. I'm probably not used to it enough but I sort of miss bottom turning as hard as I can to hit the lip hard (for my ability that is!!!) I've tried it on the Nano but I nurse the bottom turn and it skips out on the lip whereas the MD tracked all the way around - no slip and slide at all! As I said I probably need to get used to the Nano a bit more as well.
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