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    Goanna how do you compare Your mini driver and your nano do you think theres room for both in a 3 board quiver with the other one being a grovler

  • Goanna
    Hey Oneal, I think there is enough room for sure. As much as I like the Nano, I don't think it will hold in bigger waves like the MD does for me. I'll put it to you like this - I'm finding as much fun as the Nano is I still have to nurse / concentrate on what I'm doing (maybe it's all that extra speed!)
    With the MD in bigger waves I found after a while I was actually forgetting about the board and just concentrating on the wave instead. No matter how hard I bottom / top turn it just holds! The only downside is I'm not sure how the transition will be from one to the other will be.
    Oh and the 5'9" Nano catches waves easier than the 6'2" MD
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