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    Buzzy how do you compare the unibrow to the pile driver I quite fancy the idea of a mini driver but i don't realy think we have the surf to justify it on the sunshine coast I tried to get a Pile driver earlier this year but they weren't available so I bought a V2 rocket It has its moments but theres times when it wont catch waves and you end up sort of hung up till its too late then end up taking a late drop and a flogging Iv'e taken it in some times and swapped it for my PU lost lazy boy and it gets in fine Iv'e pretty much given up on the rocket I bought a double agent and was happy with that which got me thinking it's pretty similar to a unibrow so that might work as a medium wave board then I read your wright ups about the PD and MD and now I am tossing up between the three P.S. im not the best surfer round probably just intermediate and not getting any younger iv'e got a few years on you.

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    For low end waves I prefer the PD over the Uni. As waves hit that mid range mark and start to have a little bit of push I preferred the Uni. They're both really good boards and both work in much the same conditions but because of the PD's better low end I preferred it. Then matching it up with a MD which is better in good waves than the Uni, the Uni became superfluous.
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