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Vanguard vs sub scorcher

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  • Vanguard vs sub scorcher

    I am debating on picking up either a 5'6 vanguard or a 5'10 sub scorcher to replace my 5'10 stealth. I am going to be picking up a michel bourez 6'0 thin this upcoming Sunday and already have a 5'10 mini driver and a 5'10 dominator that is too big for me but great for small days and I had it converted to a single fin as well. The only thing that worries me about the vanguard is that it will screw up my regular short boarding because it is so different. At 5'6 the vanguard will have higher volume than my stealth and the MD and MB. I'm hoping that it will grovel on 3 foot waves but extend the range that the sub scorcher would otherwise lose some performance in. Any advice would be welcome.

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    Will you have to ride the Vanguard that much different to a regular board?? If so..why would you do that? Are the performance characteristics that much better??? I still dont know about that board....


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      I have heard that the vanguard requires similar rider input but feels very different from a regular board, in most cases in a good way. That being said some people who ride say it feels awkward when they go back to riding their regular short board. This is the primary reason I am timid because while it might allow me to take my performance abilities to the next level I feel like the way I ride the vanguard and the style or quality of the maneuvers I can pull on that board to may not transfer to my "regular shortboard" surfing. I feel like my dominator, mini driver, and michel bourez cover an array of conditions up to 8-10 ft even 12ft (I have done it with the mini driver) and this board is between the performance hybrid squash tail like the sub scorcher for smaller or more lackluster beach breaks than where I usually surf (blacks beach) or an experimental shape like the vanguard that will feel different from normal (this could be bad?). I am torn because this fourth board is not completely necessary, it is just replacing the stealth which overlaps the mini driver too much and doesn't work as well in the steeper waves that I am used to. I have this idea that a four board quiver is great because you can have a small wave board (5'10 Dom), an everyday board (5'10 mini driver), a backup of your everyday board (soon to be sold stealth, or michel bourez), and lastly a board for the best days (michel bourez, or the mini driver depending on the wave). So I guess I am trying to replace the backup everyday board and my predicament is that supposedly both boards would do a good job of it.


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        Endoe, I think you are just making it way too complicated for yourself. I am buying the Vanguard to try something different. I have found everything you learn on one board transfers to others...more or less, because you take the brain and body with you! Of course particular boards will have certain strengths and weaknesses that make them easier to do certain manoeuvres but once you master something you can usually take it with you. I see guys doing airs on long boards these days. Anyway you don't need a backup everyday board, sell the sub scorcher and if you break the MD just replace it with another identical one. So now your 4th board is your "experimental" board that goes with a 3 board quiver!
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          Thanks for the advice man! I think I'm going to go with the vanguard. My question now is that at 175-180 lbs I have been riding boards of 27.8 volume and my Michel Bourez will be 27.7 is it bad to have the 5'6 vanguard be a liter more than my current boards? The step down in volume from the 5'6 to the 5'4 is huge though the 5'4 is 25.9L which I don't think will float me well. I know you can ride this board at a smaller volume but it seems REALLY low AND outside my recommended range. As where the 5'6 falls inside my recommended range but towards the top because I should be riding boards between 27-29L. Any thoughts on this conundrum?


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            Hey Endoe,
            looking at everything, i don't think that volume will be an issue because you are going to be reaching for your Vanguard in smaller more average conditions than what you use your Michel in. You are sticking within a familiar and functional volume range so I think that you are going to do great. I definitely don't think this one is stepping outside of the functional volume range for you.



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              Chris how can I pre order a 5'6 vanguard? Can you help me get one at surfride in solana beach? I will be picking up a michel bourez model there on Sunday hopefully. When is the soonest I could be picking up a 5'6 vanguard?