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Differences between techs? anything official?

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  • Differences between techs? anything official?

    What I mean has there been any test done on the differences between the construction techs offered (or once offered).

    FST(with plug)-

    FST (New without plug)-

    FST(with springer tech)

    Direct drive-

    Rapid drive bamboo-

    Rapid drive white-


    For instance we all know FST is more durable than Rapid fire but slightly more heavy.

    Others have mentioned and I've also noticed that FST boards with the pressure plug and FST without in same volume that the FST without plugs are slightly heavier, but are they any stronger than the older FST?

    OR is there any difference in strength, durability, weight between bamboo and white rapid fire tech?

    Is there any figures to say for example, rapid fire is say some % lighter than FST or FST is roughly twice as strong as Rapid fire that kind of thing.

    Im thinking differences in techs:


    2.Strength (how hard to break)

    3. Durability (how board resist dings and cracks)

    4. Flex

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    Hey Indo,
    wow this is a lot to answer in one sitting!! HA!

    Here are a few quick items.

    FST with valve and without are exactly the same in performance, weight and durability.

    The Springer tech makes FST a little stiffer and causes the flex to tighten. this means a quicker return of the energy stored as flex.

    Rapidfire and bamboo and white are almost exactly the same. the only slight difference is white rapidfire might weigh a little more, and obviously it looks different. It is, however ver close to bamboo rapidfire. Durability is the same and overall performance is nearly identical. Our goal was to provide the same proved tech, with a different look. Remember, white rapidfire has a PVC-free VOC-free inlay, NOT painted bamboo.

    Hope this helps get things started


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      Cheers Chris.