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  • Where do I go from here?

    Greetings, I've been surfing on and off for the past 35 years . Surfs have been few and far between for the last 20 years with a complete break for 14 of them. I got back into it a few years ago at the age of 47 and 13 stone, starting with longboards before downsizing to a 6'10 piranha quad . After a couple of decent surfs I thought I was 25 again and decide to go shorter, too short ; 6'2 fish , 6'4 pin tail , after becoming increasingly frustrated I bought a 5'10 sweet potato following much deliberation over sizing. It's been a revelation; I've never enjoyed surfing more, I love the volume, the shortness, the stability of the width , i never thought i'd surf anything as short as 5'10 again.

    I very rarely surf anything overhead but do come across the occasional low tide barrel that's obviously where the sp struggles. I'm very tempted by the 6'2 or 6'4 potatonator but perhaps the 6'6 spitfire might be more appropriate, i prefer to keep the length down.

    Any thoughts appreciated.


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    Hey Roachy!!! For barrelling steeper waves the flat rocker of both, the Spit and the Potatonator are gonna make the boards struggle a bit. I ould look at the Hellfire instead. Still stable, good paddler and will handle steeper waves better...but you'll have to go longer though


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      6'4 Dominator or Spitfire would be my pick.
      It'll give you more versatility than the Potatonator combined with the Sweet potato.
      If you're going to be predominantly in better, hollower waves then I agree with iggy, Hellfire in the 6'6 range.

      I'd also bare in mind I've based the sizing advice off your Sweet Potato and you could probably drop a size on them.


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        yessir PRJ, thanks!


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          Thanks for the advice, I think I might investigate the 6'7 activator; I had one on order before I changed my mind and went for the SP. It's a similar shape to the piranha quad I previously owned but with less length and width obviously. Neglected to say earlier that it's wetsuits all year round for me so i enjoy extra width and thickness for stability.



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            I've ridden my 6'2" potatonator in perfect 3' plus barreling A frames in Byron and at home and the drop was no trouble whatsoever because the great paddleability of the potatonator let me take off early.
            The main issue is simply that if you drop in and bottom turn the board has much speed you can accelerate right out of the pocket and stalling to stay in the pocket is necessary.
            But it doesn't have the same wide tail (drift) issue as the sweet potato when getting barrelled.


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                Was using my Android tablet and a crap internet connection so pretty easy to double post.