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  • Which small wave board

    Hi gents,
    I have come out of spinal fusion with some small problems, I find it hard to get my feet under me on take off. Whats the easiest board to ride on take off, and like a hybrid board (as close as possible) on the face of the wave, including soon to be released. Ps when are some firewire girls joining the site be a nice change?

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    In theory the Addvance in a comfortable length should be best. Even Ritchie Lovett came back to surfing after a hip replacement on a longer mid length (8 foot or do).


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      yeah the addvance will float you high and light and will help you get in early and easy. the only other board in our range that would be easier to use in small stuff would be the Taylor Jensen 904 Everyday model.

      Hope this helps and good luck with your recovery!!


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        Hey Spawne
        Good to hear you are on the road to recovery mate. The boys are right, the Addvance will be super stable. Of course it depends on your height, weight and level of ability before your back issue for which board. If it is just a "how quick to your feet but once you are up all good" then you could consider the Potatonator or even the El Fuego if you ripped before and just need a "leg up". These boards, whilst flat and wide for stability rail to rail for when you are jumping to your feet, are also short enough to get going when you are up. If you were a competent surfer you probably just want to get to your feet and go. If below average I'd go with the bigger Addvance or the TJ Everyday. I have a lower back issue some days and at my age so I can hear you bra!
        Re girl Firewire Team...Mate, if all goes well you may see some SERIOUS eye cant who surfs 10 time better than you ever did on our team...working with her now, time will tell.


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          Thanks all, I have been getting up a lot better the last week or so and think I might go the potatonator or a baked p, so they can be a keeper for the small days.


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