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Nev, what's the score with your MB?

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  • Nev, what's the score with your MB?

    Hey Nev,
    On your Burleigh photos on FB you said you were riding a 5'11 MB. What are the full Dims on this one? Normally you ride fairly similar board sizes to me and I expected to see you on the thinner 6'0" MB. What was the reason for making your own 5'11"?
    Was the thinner 6'0'" too much volume, or is it a thicker 5'11" because the thicker 5'10" was a bit small?
    I ask because my mate is looking at picking up a thinner 6'0" when they hit retail in the UK as an all round shortboard. He's around 5'11" and 70kg at a guess. A good surfer and a lifeguard so in good shape.
    I don't want it to end up being too much board for him, it'll be his first FW so trying to dial him in as best I can so he'll be stoked on it. Cheers!

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    Hey PJ
    The 5'11 I have is one of Michels that he did not like as it was wider in the pod (measured 3"up) at 9". His normal 5'11" s are 8 1/2". I am using the "Pancho" template and the thing goes insane! Michel will love this baby with bigger fins (Pancho's). His template (PG-5 or JC-1size) is perfect in his normal boards. This board is 27.5L which is perfect for me.

    The thin MB600 is 27.9L. I know I will love this board when I get me grubby little (big) hands on one. As your mate is the same build as me I am sure he will love this board. The only hesitation is if he normally prefers less volume than 27+ L considering he is fit and surfs well he could easily be on 25+L. Nothing like the feel of that little extra volume but tons of drive.

    hope that helps mate...Sorry for being offline...Been ridiculously busy. Am onto it all now...So bring it on...Chuck me some questions!


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      That's good advice Nev. Yeah I think it could be possibly over foamed for him. He's normally on less volume than me and I'd be picking up that 6'0".
      I'll let him have a couple of waves on my 6'0" Taj CBD and see how that feels to him at 28l and he should be able to gauge it from that. I'm guessing it's going to be a very similar shape to the 6'0 MB.

      Mine is 6'0" 18.81" 2.38"
      Nose is 11.56"
      Tail is 14.75"
      Pod seems to be 8.25"

      The MB has a slightly wider tail block than the Taj too then I'm guessing?


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        If he likes anything like 26.5 to 27.5L he will love the 6'0" If yours is not too much at 28L then it is a no brainer. The pod width is slightly wider because the 6'0" MB is wider all round at 18 3/4". Same curve just wider from center to tail...Nose is wider though.


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          Yeah but my Taj is 18.81" so a /16" wider than the 6'0" MB.
          Loving the CBD board by the way, so effortless is just about all conditions. Vanishes under my feet even though it's beefed up.

          I'll see how he goes on mine, I think he'd like the thicker 5'10 but he thinks 18.5" is skinny for UK waves and a bit put off by the thickness of the thicker version.
          He's seems to want less volume in the same size board, ha. Scooped deck 6'0" then.

          He'd probably love your 5'11"!


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            Good to hear that the 18 1/2" seems too skinny for UK waves. All the more reason I am sure he will like the MB600 x 18 3/4" x 2 3/8"...Put money on it...Well...Not we have a budget for this sort of thing Chris Carey?


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              Ha! I think you're right. Once we get some fun waves he'll get a couple of waves on my CBD if I can bare to get off it and that'll make his decision easy I reckon.
              Currently flat as a pancake and the 10 day forecast isn't showing any swell at all.... And it's cold.
              Anyone fancy a holiday in the UK?


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                To visit the lovely Cotswalds, yes...To surf...Well call me when it looks like this! That's me lookin' inEye for and eye.jpg
                Sorry...I know that was cruel...At least you have the anticipation of whether Kate and Will are going to make babies to occupy those flat days ahead...


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                  Not quite the same

                  Surfed that yesterday, it's a rare little reef that only breaks when there's gale force easterlies blowing down the channel. Obviously a lovely warm day!


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                    nice, real nice!


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                      Looks nice PJ...Brrrrrrrr