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    I queried the forum a while back and was recommended a 610 Addvance (see this threadÖ
    The waiting time for the 610 was a few months but there was a 702 available immediately at the shop so I took it. Itís been a lot of fun and Iíve stopped using my longboard as a result butÖ I need to take a step down in volume and length. I surfed a friendís board this weekend Ė 7í, 21Ē, 2 5/8Ē Ė and had no problems at all. I expected it to feel looser than the Advance but it felt very similar, just didnít paddle as easily.
    So winterís waves are coming and now that Iím fitter and paddling out in larger beach/point breaks Iíd really like something that will become my stock board for the next year or two. Iíll keep the Addvance for the small days but Iíd love to find a single board that I can progress on and really get to know - concentrate on becoming a better surfer rather than what to buy next. I didnít expect to be back on this forum so quickly and would like to avoid a return visit in a few months if possible!
    Hereís the breakdown thenÖ
    A young 37
    70 kgís
    Surfing 2 foot to slightly overhead
    NB: must be able to duck the board

    Iíve been looking at the Alternator, Hellfire or Dominator. I like the look of the Alternator and Hellfire but I chucked the DM in there because itís spoken about so often. As far as length is concerned Iím stumped Ė I reckon I should just go for the size that is recommended for my height/build and spend more time in the water until I get comfortable with it.

    All comments/recommendations welcome.

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    Of the 3 you've mentioned, recommended sizing for an intermediate at your height/weight would be 5'10" Hellfire, 6'0" Alternator and 5'8" Dominator.
    I think coming down from +7ft boards all of those sizes are going to be a huge drop and a lot of work and adjustment.
    Possibly something like a 6'2" Alternator if you want a more shortboard shape. I think you'd have a lot of fun on a 6'0" Dominator, but like with your Addvance it's something you'd outgrow relatively quickly and want to down size again but it would also give you the fasted learning curve of the boards mentioned.

    The Alternator would be something you'd keep in your quiver for a long time, but it'd be a big adjustment from your Addvance and a lot of work but at your size it was sufficent volume to give you a nice bit of stability and forgiveness, for a true shortboard shape at least. I personally don't think the Hellfire would be a great pick for you at this point because it's quite a different design that needs to be ridden quite short to really perform at it's best, others might disagree on that one though, but maybe a 6'0" Hellfire would give you ample float and stability.


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      I have been surfing a 702 ADDvance and just ordered an 6'11 Activator which is an over 10% drop in volume and didn't want to go any further in one step. I also really wanted a Hellfire but didn't feel I would be surfing waves that would justify the higher performance shape, most of my surfing is head high beachies. Anyway, I think a Hellfire or Alt would be a bit of a handful after the ADDvance unless you preserve with it. Im happy to sell and drop again if I feel I can, but didn't want to go too small as the limited opportunities I get to surf, I want to maximize the wave count and fun.

      I looked at the Dom and Spit but the wide tails put me off a bit, I really like the tail on the ADDvance. The Elf seemed too big a drop in volume for me but I liked the shape. The activator seems to be a bit more refined with a narrower tail to the Dom, so the Activator is were I ended up. The shop has to order it in and if they can't get one I will go 609, rather than bigger.

      My 2 cents.


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        The Dominator 6'0" will cover the gap easier.At your level I believe this board will help you heaps to improve and get used to smaller boards. Not as performant as the hellfire or alternator but a great board that will cover lots of ground.
        My second choice will be the hellfire on the 6'0-6'2", great performant board yet user friendly


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          Thanks for the advice fellas. Looks like maybe i'm trying to go too fast too quickly and i don't want to fall into the trap of biting off more than i can chew - so I think i'll do what's best for the learning curve and get the 6'0 Dom. By the time i step down again I imagine the Dom will stay and the Addvance will be sold.


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            yeah rossco,
            you got good advice from all of these guys. I also do agree that stepping all the way down to a 508 would be too big of a step. go 600 and if you improve beyond the size, then sell it and downsize and be stoked that you improved so quickly!!

            Cheers and keep us posted.


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              Just to throw in a curve ball...why not drop down to a 6'6" Addvance, which is ample size at your weight, and trade in or sell the 7'2" Addvance to partially fund it. You'd be fine on that now. Then if you still felt like getting a more performance board you could look at a 6'0" or 6'2" Alt or similar. Basically I'd be suggesting replacing your "base" board completely and effectively deferring the second purchase for a few months.