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5ft 11 el fuego diamond tail in Bali?

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  • 5ft 11 el fuego diamond tail in Bali?

    To start with I love this board. I'm off there next July but a little concerned with how it may perform in more sucky waves. How do you think it might go in Bali 's Bukit? Probably mainly Ulus..
    I'm an intermediate-advanced surfer. 6ft1 and 80kg.

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    As long as you get it early it'll hold the line well and race through some nice tubes. I wouldn't be too keen on some vertical drops on it, but if you can get in at an angle and set the rail right away I reckon it will go well. I know Nev has had great results and Burleigh on his.
    Personally I'd probably be reaching for a more standard shortboard in Indo with something like the Fuego for chesthigh and below days.


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      good stuff Prj!!

      yeah it will perform really well, BUT it will depend on your comfort taking off on a flatter board. lots of people like the flat entry for hollow waves, the time it becomes difficult is if you are airs dropping...then the flat rocker can be tough!