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Why FW made in Thailand and not Indonesia?

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    yeah iggy!


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      Originally posted by iggy View Post
      Ice has melted finally!!!!.Off to surf!!
      bet the water is colder than my beer..!! beer and the hangover started within 30 mins...getting too old...need to "have a bex and a good lay down" ..!!


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        Originally posted by core personal training View Post
        bet the water is colder than my beer..!! beer and the hangover started within 30 mins...getting too old...need to "have a bex and a good lay down" ..!!
        The other day I had a shocker, I started off by going over the falls about 3 times in a row without even trying and one of the lads paddled up to me and said I was surfing like I had a hangover...2 beers and a late night is all it took, ha. Fortunately surfing is a good cure for a hangover and I started to come good just needed some wake up medicine.


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          Originally posted by prjwebb View Post
          we're all winners here Dave. except you on scrabble.
          um, what was the current score again phill..??


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            Not sure haven't had a move on ages! :p


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              Originally posted by Slowman View Post
              IMHO Thailand for a start is more politically stable, so that makes investment in manufacturing facilities a lot more viable. The other thing of course is that there is already expertise in Thailand as they make Tuflite and the Global Surf Industries boards too. I'm certainly no expert on Indonesia but not much is manufactured there, about the only thing I see made in Indonesia here occasionally are rubber bicycle innertubes though most are made in China.

              China's manufacturing is expanding and their quality is improving all the time, to be honest I just don't think Indonesia could compete with Thailand or China. One place that beats them all hands down is Taiwan but they are expensive and even they have moved a lot of their plants to China and made investments there. Nevertheless the majority of the better carbon fibre bicycle frames are still fabricated in Taiwan. The other problem with China is that they will rip off the big brand's that they manufacture under consignment make their own and flog them cheaply...Italian premium bike brand Pinarello are finding this out now as the market is being flooded with Chinarellos (they've copied the molds and made unauthorised copies using lower grade CF). Colnago by comparison kept their manufacturing in Taiwan and suffers none of this nonsense as the country being a democracy understands the concept of intellectual property and notions of contractual obligation. They also understand you don't bite the hand that feeds you. China doesn't and thinks they will eventually take over the market and compete with these premium brands by selling pirated rip off copies.

              Thailand as well, being a democracy, understands these notions which all protect the investment and so it does indeed make them easier to deal with. While Indonesia is a new democracy they really aren't a mature one and I daresay similar problems as those in China would surface, they already make copies of all the FCS fins and anyone who's been there no doubt has seen the pirate copies of CDs and DVDs everywhere. They just don't have much manufacturing or technological expertise anyway. Thailand being cheaper than Taiwan are probably the best choice.
              You make some good points, not all agree with but still.

              I asked the general question in a Indonesian expat forum, (where there is a lot of clued on business type guys with experience in Indo) about why Indonesia doesn't manafacture like some other Asian countrys and I think it has more to do with two reasons.

              1/Indonesia goverment just isn't as friendly to foreign investors/companys they dont make it easy to do business with red tape/laws etc While Thailand seems more relaxed in this area and others areas relating to westerners such as living/working/property.

              2/ Corruption Indonesia just has so much corruption on ever level, i dont know a lot about Thailand but it must be better, corruption creates uncertainty something you don,t want when doing business.
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                Originally posted by Rohan7395 View Post
                My opinon. I dont see the waves or surf lifestlye in Indonesia as being any sort of reason to manufacture there. Quite the opposite! While you are surfing, you're not building quality boards. Nev has mentioned in his Youtube videos that our manufacturing process is very different and the need to have a "surfer" finish a board is unnecessary. Firewire has an extensive R and D and testing program through a variety of options such as team/test riders who travel the globe and put the boards in all sorts of different waves (including Indo), also inhouse R and D around things like strength via break testing etc. Believe me, having the factory near quality surf would do nothing to help me keep Nev focused when he comes over to visit our factory!

                I also dont think that the expertise of other surfboard manufacturers such as GSI being located in Thailand has any sort of large impact as to why Firewire's are manufactured in Thailand. They are a totally seperate company and Firewire does'nt utilize the skill sets of GSI to help out in the manufacturing of our boards. Again, I think the opposite as I know both companies have responsibilites to investors to protect their IP. Definitely being in the same country as some very large manufacturers has an impact as to availability of raw materials from suppliers etc but not really any sort of cross over of expertise being shared between companies. Again, quite the opposite.

                It has been mentioned many times by Mark and co that the amount of labor involved in the manufacturing process of building a FW board made it impossible to survive if the manufacturing stayed in Aus or the US. This and Nev having contacts with Thai partners at the time was the reason behind the decision to set up our own factory in Thailand that is run and managed by western managers, along with a team of very talented thai staff.

                As a guy who has seen and heard every "thailand quality is shit" story out there, I have to say that people are so wrong when they jump on the bash Thailand band wagon, particularly when they more than likely have never set foot inside our factory here. I've seen manufacturing of boards in both regions and am not about to kick off an us and them debate but do want to say that the attention to detail, ability to focus more eyes on quality and the willingness to adapt to change by the team here is a large reason for the success of Firewire. Globally, Firewire has an incredibly talented group of staff and the chemistry and dedication that this group puts into work every day is something that I think a lot of other companies would be extremely envious of.

                Saying all of this, I do agree that more staff surf trips to Indonesia would be a great thing!
                Cheers thanks for the insight :)